The amount of transactions on the Blockchain is growing rapidly, as well as the number of new users inexperienced with Bitcoin technical interface.


The Blockchain contains a lot of information that represents huge financial traffic that still remains

unclear to the public, analyzing that traffic will help us to map the Bitcoin network and to create "safe" areas within the Blockchain.


Every Bitcoin address carries history that help us identifying the reliability of the source, we can adopt this advantage and rank the best and the most reliable entities on the Blockchain in order to create a much safer environment for the Bitcoin users.











Credit rating for the Blockchain 



How it works  


Bitcoin Blockchain

Analysis Engine







Riders Rank


How   we   calculate   our   Rank ?

We built special analysis tools that study digital Identities interactions in the Blockchain space.


By combining several aspects we visualize the Blockchain and comprehend what are the most sensitive events. 


Providing the collected data in the form of a rating system will benefit with the Bitcoin users, Ease of use is the key to making the Blockchain accessible to the mass.