Riders  Manual

Riders designed to help you understand better the Bitcoin Blockcahin.

We divided the Bitcoin users' behavior to several common categories that represent the eco-system.

The engine can only rank Bitcoin addresses that exist on the Blockchain.       Moreover, some address may not contain enough data to expose a reliable rank



0 - 2

Most of the Bitcoin addresses belong to that category, whether it's just a new user who's doing his first transactions on the Blockchain, or it is a veteran that want to preserve anonymity by spreading his shares to multiple new addresses. In those cases you should check carefully the entity behind such addresses before giving away your money. 



2 - 4

Reusing Bitcoin addresses is a common habit that can reflect some experience of the Bitcoin account you are dealing with, it could be just a lazy person that doesn't care about anonymity or an automated Bitcoin software (Wallet) process that reuse addresses as a part of his natural workflow. Bitcoin addresses that were ruse only several time are very popular and don't give a lot of information.

Check their connections and the ranks of the addresses they interacted with to understand more. 



4 - 6

6 - 8

High Volume Bitcoin addresses can probably represent a small-medium business activity, it could also be a part of a big entities money flows.

Services that stores data on the Blockchain can fit that profile too. 

Those Bitcoin addresses are held under much more professional procedures, 

Big entities have multiple addresses that stores their money in a different ways for security reasons, addresses like this belongs to experienced users. 



8 - 10

At the Top of the ranks we can see the most reliable and experienced entities on the Bitcoin Blockchain, those who have nothing to hide and want to share their strong financial reputation. Bitcoin mining companies (maintaining the Bitcoin network), known exchanges and highly valued Escrow services all belongs to that High class category. 



Some Bitcoin addresses hold information in it. In that case, the same address will be used for a long period and most likely will have high transactions volume. That can indicate it belongs to a big Bitcoin company with a strong reputation e.g. a gambling site or exchange services. Those accounts are usually highly secured and maintained by professionals.



* Riders Insights and ranks are just recommendations and should be treated with caution.